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Exercise 1. Read and translate the following sentences paying attention to the article used in the underlined phrases: 1. We were picnicking when all of a sudden big drops of rain began to fall down. The news of her marriage did create a stir. He took a fancy to my child; Im afraid hell spoil her. He takes a pride in his sons success. Dont be so depressed, Ill put in a good word for you. Its a pity you couldnt attend the performance. A drowning man catching at a straw is an expression meaning the same thing both in Romanian and in English.

I couldnt sleep a wink all night. She wont tell a soul about it. We dont give a damn on what he says. She went to them for help, but they refused to lift a finger. Why is she alone? Because she doesnt know a single person in this town.

Shes singing all the time. I think she doesnt have a care in the world. Exercise 2. Fill in the blanks with the indefinite article: 1. This child was great comfort to her in her misfortune. Our leader has strong will. A coward is known to have weak will.

It is. She seldom catches cold, but when she catches it, it is bad cold.

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  • Они были абсолютно не способны покинуть Диаспар.
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It was unexpected stroke of good luck. We have never enjoyed such spell of fine weather. The man had suspicion that the servant was unfaithful.

That was unbearable illness.

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We didnt expect him to put in appearance at the time. It is pretty sight to see children playing. Exercise 3. Fill in the article wherever necessary: No one in New York had so accomplished cook, such smoothly running service, dinner-table so softly yet brightly lit, or such skill in grouping about it persons not only eminent in wealth or fashion, but likely to find pleasure in each others society.

She was aware of this seldom made attempt though when she did, she was never able to discover why it was not success.

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But in organizing and administering of big dinner she was conscious of mastery. Not stupid dinners of old days when crowned heads used to be treated like caste apart, and everlastingly invited to meet each other thorough whole monotonous season: Pauline was too modern for that.

She excelled in judicious blending of Wall Street and Bohemia, and her particular art lay in the selection of latter element. Of course there were Bohemians and Bohemians: as she had once remarked to Nona, people werent always amusing just because they were clever, or dull just because they were rich though at last clause Nona had screwed up her nose incredulously. Edith Wharton, Twilight Sleep Exercise 4.

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Fill in the necessary article where necessary: They advanced into hall, went from table to table, scooping each plate clean, gathering up cold chips, tasty cod-shells of yellow batter, or crusts of bread and butter. Neither spoke, and whole operation went on in silence man digging into pile of steaming fish and chips stared at Bert, who was composed enough to take up vinegar bottle and sprinkle it over what was in his hand, giving impression either that he worked in place collecting scraps like this, or that this was form of supper-cheap meal served by caf to unobtrusive waifs and tramps.

Bert cleared another table, glancing now and again at chatting waitresses nearby. Brian had never done this before, might normally have been afraid to come into caf and play locust to its cast-off food, but he was too surprised at finding such edible nutriment set out plainly for getting to worry about who was looking on.

Allan Sillitoe, Key to the Door Exercise 5. Insert the definite article or the zero article: 1. He ran into house and shut door.

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Please, put butter, bread, and eggs in refrigerator. One of Mark Twains works is Life on Mississippi. In Asia elephants are used for carrying goods. We often go to Manchester by train. How many rockets have been sent to moon?

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He came to his room late at night and told Uncle Theo how he had spent evening at theatre. We have breakfast rather early. Lizzie, cook, left Chapmans three weeks ago.

All the people in village go to church on Sunday. In some houses dinner is biggest meal of day.

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Exercise 6. Insert the indefinite article or the zero article: 1. He made mistake in his addition. Would you do me favour? The electric light was important invention. Where theres smoke, theres fire. Meeting you has been great pleasure.

  1. Горожане вовсе не стремились возвратить минувшее -- им было так славно в их вечной осени.
  2. Pierderea în greutate într un sfat de o săptămână
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  4. Останавливался ли он во всех своих замыслах и приключениях хоть раз, чтобы подумать, как отразятся на друзьях его поступки.
  5. Но ведь они же так и не возвратились, а было это все так .
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He is studying religion. They asked him difficult question. She wants to become nurse. The lawyer gave his client very good advice. She likes to eat good food.

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Eggs are 50 p. What bad weather we are having today! She bought yellow dress and pair of shoes. Glasgow is city in Scotland. Exercise 7. Supply the required articles: 1.

He speaks with great authority on the flying elefant slimming povestiri de succes. He is consulting with authority on urban development.

In order to survive, we must have water. Everyone was impressed by sincerity with which he spoke. We all admire sincerity. After several attempts, he lost courage. He showed courage that surprised me.

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Exercise 8. Fill in the blanks with the required articles: Last year I stayed in little town in England called Stratford-on-Avon. I wanted to go to theatre to see some of plays of Shakespeare.

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I asked many people where it was, 43 kg pierdere în greutate no one knew it. I saw policeman at corner of main street.

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I spoke to him and asked him if he knew Dirty Duck. He laughed and told me that he knew it all right. It was just at bottom of street near Plaza cinema. I walked to bottom of street, saw hotel and read name above door. It was called Black Flying elefant slimming povestiri de succes Exercise 9. He needs hammer and nails to fix the table. They have bought furniture. For breakfast I had only bread and cup of tea. They are building house in my street. Could you give me information about this school?

There was snow on the high mountain. That little town lies in lovely valley. I have very severe headache.

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I can flying elefant slimming povestiri de succes you advice, but I cant do the work for you. Exercise Translate into English using the following phrases: in the end, in the open air, on the one hand on the other hand, to take the trouble, to 21 take a walk, to have a good time, to take a seat, in time, to make friends, to shake hands, to take part, to take place: 1. M-a poftit s intru i s iau loc. La terminarea partidei, adversarii i-au dat mna. A vrea s fac o plimbare prin parc.

Unde a avut loc accidentul? Ai ajuns la timp la gar? Ar trebui s-i lai copiii s se joace mai des n aer liber. Ne-am distrat cu toii asear la petrecere.

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Henry n-a putut participa la ntrunirea noastr de sptmna trecut din cauz c a fost bolnav. Dac i-ai fi dat osteaneala s citeti anunul, ai fi aflat c s-a amnat conferina. John este un biat timid i nu se mprietenete prea uor. Pe de o parte mi vine greu s nu i spun adevrul, pe de alt parte n- a vrea s te jignesc. Fill in the gaps with some or any: 1.

A: Would you like