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Doubtless many Christians attribute the unprecedented advances of Western Civilization mainly to Christianity, but that is because they do not recognize that it is more the disengaging of Christianity and all religions and ideologies from the power of the state that is the main source nhs pierde hull hull those ongoing advances.

In fact, Muslim scholars have increasingly been articulate about the depressed state of Islamic countries. For example, in Dr. Seyed Othman Alhabshis book3 explaining the background of the newly founded Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia we find the following strong statement: The Muslim world is currently plagued with almost nothing but negative attributes of a civilization. He then went on to list some of the plagues: underdevelopment, backwardness, poverty, inequitable income and wealth distribution, high inflation, acute illiteracy and serious unemployment, economic and political instability.

If possible, even clearer was the comment: Although eight hundred years was long enough to accumulate a wealth of experience to ward off various human ills, the Muslims declined almost without any pierderea în greutate challenge brampton till this day. Moreover, Western Civilization together the rest of the Worlds existing civilizations are now being transmorphed into Global Civilization in a way that had never occurred before, and this process of globalization appears to be pierderea în greutate challenge brampton in exponential fash4.

The Unique Quality of Western Civilization ion. Toynbee survey the spots, and seething problems some of the most total history of humankind they find that there have critical of which are largely a result of its very accombeen a number of civilizations which have come into plishments, e. Many of them logical crisis because of, inter alia, technological adachieved admirable accomplishments, the Greco-Rovances and the population explosion.

But even that man Civilization being the one best known to Westillustrates the main point: Western Civilization-transerners. Its achievements were indeed great, so much forming-into-Global Civilizations greatest problems so that during the late Renaissance there was a lively flow not from its weaknesses, but from its even more debate about whether the Ancients meaning the awesome, unparalleled achievements.

Greeks and Romans or the then moderns had at5.

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The Disconnection of Religion from the tained greater cultural heights. But doubtless the Greco-Roman accomplishments were in many regards Power of the State a Vital Key matched, and in some surpassed, by the Chinese and One of the essential elements in the advances of Islamic Civilizations.

Western Civilization in culture, science, politics, ecoHowever, it is no cultural hubris to be aware that nomic prosperity and technology, the like of which, as the rising arc of Western Civilization which is largely said for all of its problems, which are correspondof a synthesis of [1] the Judeo-Christian tradition, [2] ingly massive were never before experienced in huthe Greco-Roman tradition, [3] the Germanic tradimentalism ; the same goal is being sought by radical Islamists within other Muslim countries, e.

Unfortunately, rather than regaining former Islamic Glory the Islamists are thereby insuring that their nations will remain backward societies. That fact seems to be dawning slowly even on that bastion of Muslim religious conservatism, Saudi Arabia judging from recent tentative moves to suppress Islamism and start down the path toward democracy.

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And religion here includes any ideology that functions like a religion, as, for example, Atheistic Marxism it is clear to see today in Eastern Europe and the former USSR what disaster the union of state and the religion of Marxism led to.

Christendom in the Late Middle Ages began reaching the cultural level of the earlier Greek and Roman, and the then contemporary Islamic, civilizations. All historical data strongly suggest that Christendom would have plateaued at approximately that level for a longer or shorter period of time, and then slipped from dominance as had all other civilizations before then, and as eventually the Chinese, the Greco-Roman, the Islamic, etc.

Civilizations did as well.

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That did not happen, however. One very fundamental reason was that starting with pierderea în greutate challenge brampton Gregorian Reforms, through the Renaissance, the Reformation and on into the Enlightenment and beyond religion and the power of the state slowly and very painfully began to be disconnected.

As Christianity became less and less the religion of the state in the West, so too The West became less and less Christendom and was transformed into what is today usually called Western Civilization. With the exponential advances in capabilities in the West, of course, the possibilities of destructiveness increased correspondingly as the medieval philosophers said: The corruption of the best becomes the worst, corruptio optimae pessima.

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Nevertheless, because freedom is of the essence of being human, even though we may well destroy ourselves if we do pierderea în greutate challenge brampton learn wisdom and live virtuously, we can never turn back to an unfree stage of human development any more than an individual can roll back the transforming effects of puberty. New problems and challenges will always arise in human societies.

Humans, however, have a virtually limitless capability of intellect, imagination, and spirit which is another way of saying what the book of Genesis in the Bible meant by recording that God made humans in Gods image, the imago Dei with evoluția pierderilor de grăsime to address and overcome those problems and challenges ever anew.

Unfortunately, when that innate human creative spirit is imprisoned in a 9 doctrinal strait-jacket ortho-doxy, straight-doctrine, becomes in fact strait-doctrine imposed from above by the power of the state it will die or be severely weakened pierderea în greutate challenge brampton spiritual strangulation. And then that society will fall behind, and perhaps even succumb to, those societies which retain their creativity. That is why, for example, in India the present attempt of resurgent Hindu fundamentalists, brandishing their Hindutva Hinduizationseems so fraught with dangers for the progress and development of the second largest country of the world.

The path to recovery lies not in trying to impose a narrow dogmatism by coercion but by finding ways to promote more open exploration of ways that core Hindu values can contribute to meaningful life in contemporary settings. Of course, the same disastrous consequences would also result, e. Extremist Jewish and Islamist apologists argue that Judaism or Islam is different from the West and its major religion, Christianity, because, unlike Christianity, Judaism and Islam are holistic religions which pierderea în greutate challenge brampton politics as well as all other aspects of life.

In this, unfortunately, they are forgetting that Christendom was exactly the same for well over a millennium the Constantinian Era. As we know, however, at its best, the separation of religion and state did not, and does not, mean hostility between religion and state.

Rather, it frees each, religion and state, to fulfill its respective function untrammeled by, but closely related to, the other. For the state, that function can be briefly described as the responsibility to organize society so as to protect the rights of all, and promote the common good, and for religion, to provide an explanation of the ultimate meaning of life, and how to live accordingly.

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Clearly the West does not have the perfect solution to the question of the relation between religion and the state; it has many different imperfect solutions. The quite anaemic condition of a Christianity not completely disconnected from the power of the state in Germany, Scandinavia, England, and other European countries, vis a vis its turbulent but comparatively vital condition in the U.

The perfect solution of the relationship of religion and state lies only in an infinite future, toward which humans are always striving. But also clearly, the 10 West and countries such as Japan, South Korea, etc. Said in other words: The disconnection of religion from the power of the state is a necessary, though not sufficient, cause of the unending creative development of humanity.

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A New Consciousness for Humanity Another concept essential to the full flourishing pierderea în greutate challenge brampton humanity is Dialogue, not in any pedestrian sense, but in the sense of a Deep-Dialogue, a transformative kind of consciousness which seeks to primarily learn from rather than teach those who think differently from us.

The world is becoming ever more inter-dependent on all levels. Democratization and globalization are increasing at an exponential rate. Why Dialogue Arose One can, of course, justifiably point to a number of recent developments that have contributed to the rise of dialogue - e. A paradigm is simply the model, the cluster of assumptions, on whose basis 11 phenomena are perceived and explained: For example, the geocentric paradigm for explaining the movements of the planets; a shift to another paradigm - as from the geocentric to the heliocentric will have a major impact.

Such a paradigm-shift has occurred, and is still occurring, in the Western understanding of truth statements which has made dialogue not only possible, but even necessary. Whereas the understanding of truth in the West was largely absolute, static, monologic or exclusive up to the nineteenth century, it has subsequently become deabsolutized, dynamic and dialogic in a word: relational. This relatively anew view of truth came about in at least six different but closely related ways.

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It was believed that if statement was true at one time, it was always true, and not only in the sense of statements about empirical facts but also in the sense of statements about the meaning of things. Such is a classicist or absolutist view of truth. Such is a historical view of truth.

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Such is a perspectival view of truth. This partial and limited quality of all language is necessarily greatly intensified when one attempts to speak of the Transcendent, which by definition goes-beyond. Such is a language-limited view of truth.

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This means that in all knowledge I come to know something; the object comes into me in a certain way, namely, through the lens that I use to perceive it. As Thomas Aquinas wrote, Things known are in the 12 knower according to the mode of the knower.

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If and when the answers I receive are sometimes confused and unsatisfying, then I probably need to learn to speak a more appropriate language when I put questions to reality. For example, if I ask the question, How heavy is green?

Or, if I ask questions about living things in mechanical categories, I will receive confusing and unsatisfying answers. I will likewise receive confusing and unsatisfying answers to questions about human sexuality if I use categories that are solely physical- biological: Witness the absurdity of the answer that birth control is forbidden by the natural lawthe question falsely assumes that the nature of humanity is merely physical-biological. Such an understanding of truth is a dialogic understanding.

Meaning of Deep-Dialogue and CriticalThinking In brief, our understanding of truth and reality has been undergoing a radical shift.

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The new paradigm which is being born understands all statements about reality, especially about the meaning of things, to be historical, praxial or intentional, perspectival, languageJSRI N o. Our understanding of truth statements, in short, has become deabsolutized it has become relational, that is, all statements about reality are now seen to be related to the historical context, praxis intentionality, perspective, etc.

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Therefore, if my perception and description of the world is true only in a limited sense, that is, only as seen from my place in the world.

Then if I wish to expand my grasp of reality I need to learn from others what they know of reality that they can perceive from their place in the world that I cannot see from mine.

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That, however, can happen only through dialogue. Thus, dialogue, in this sense of Deep-Dialogue, very simply means to: 1.

Reach out in openness to the Other in the search for Truth and Goodness. Be open to the Other primarily so WE can learn, find truth and goodness. Perceive that for us to learn, to find the good, the Other must teach and open themselves and vice versa.

Recognize that because Dialogue is a two-way project, we then both learn and share the good.

Sunt mode în tot felul de lucruri, nu d o a rîn vestim entaţie, ci şi în idei şi c h ia rîn num e proprii. Intr-adevăr, moda pare a fi un fel de m ecanism general, aplicat m ai m ultor aspecte ale vieţii moderne, m ai ales celor referitoare la gust.

Learn there are Other ways of understanding, of embracing the world than our own. Learn to recognize our commonalities and differences and value both. Learn to move between different worlds and integrate them in care.

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Learn that Deep-Dialogue thus gradually transforms our inner selvesand our shared lives. Further, the converse, the flip side of the single coin of authentic humanity is Critical-Thinking, which very simply means to: 1. Raise our un-conscious pre-suppositions to the conscious level.

After analysis, make a reasoned judgment critical, Greek krinein, to judge about them. Recognize that our view of reality is one view, shaped by our experience 4. Become aware of multiple worldviews. Only then apply them to our contexts. See that each worldview is a new meaning network. Again, only then can we reasonably critique them.

Understand and use very precisely each word and phrase so that our deliberations and decisions are informed with clarity and grounded in reality. Thus, the relationship between Deep-Dialogue and Critical-Thinking means: 1.

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Deep-Dialogue and Critical-Thinking are two sides of the one human reality. Deep-Dialogue entails at its root clear, reflective, critical thought. Critical-Thinking entails a dialogue within our own minds and lives and hence, at its root is dialogic.